The Mountains Am I

Three Sentries

As I sit in an oppressively hot studio apartment in Ithaca, New York, one that contains no air conditioner, or any trace of air circulation for that matter, I’m reminded of cooler times.¬† This photograph was taken on a magical day in October 2011, when I was just days away from reaching Mount Everest Base Camp. The sun had climbed into the blue yonder above, and was pouring his elixir of joy upon the Himalaya below. The air was cool and brisk, around 55 degrees, just the way I like it, and there wasn’t so much as a wisp of white cloud in the sky. I miss my mountain friends. Say hello to Taboche, Cho La Tse, and Lobuche. They line the Pheriche Valley like three sentries guarding the way to Base Camp.


Another twenty three days of broiling in a toaster oven.