The Rasta Reggae Bike

Several weeks ago, I was winding up a day of walking the streets of New York City.  It was a lackluster day, one which did not provide any meaningful photographic opportunities.  However, just when I had given up at finding anything interesting, I walked down a street in the heart of SoHo, and voila!  Just goes to show.  One should never give up at finding anything interesting when they are walking the streets of New York City because those opportunities may just be a turn of a corner away.  Although the composition is not particularly interesting, the bike cover was too unique to pass on snapping a few shots.  It reminds me of a rasta reggae hat.


One thought on “The Rasta Reggae Bike

  1. “Rasta reggae hat”, yes, you are right but for the colours. What an amazing sight, it must have brightened your lackluster day 🙂 I wonder is it safe to leave such a beauty (“la petite reine”, the little queen in French) in the streets ? Thanks for sharing this wonderful find.

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