The Right Place at the Right Time

Taking a memorable photograph is largely dependent upon being at the right place at the right time.  In other words, it is all about the lighting.

Several weeks ago I was taking an early evening hike in Harriman State Park along a popular trail.  My aim was to visit a particular location called the Cascade of Slid to do some photography.  The Cascade of Slid is a marvelous 300 foot vertical incline that is highlighted by the Pine Meadows Brook that spills down the staircase of boulders which gives this area its name.  The photograph below was taken from the top of the cascade looking over the tremendous rocks and trees that are part of this intimate forest valley.

Cascade of Slid

I had a hard time finding the right composition for photographing at the Cascade of Slid largely due to the fact that I had gotten there too late.  The sun was too low on the horizon to make photographing the boulders interesting.  I had also planned to go to Ga-Nus-Quah Rock but because the forest was already darkening I decided to alter my route.  So I set out, crossing the Pine Meadow Brook to catch up to the Pine Meadow Brook trail which would take me back to the parking lot where my Jeep sat.

As soon as I set my foot down on the other side of the brook, I was transported into a magical scene where I was wrapped in bushes with white and pale pink flowers that were in full blossom.  It felt and looked like I was in a forest of cotton plants.  A week before, the bushes would not have been in bloom.  A week later, the blooms would not have been at their peak.

As I traversed this trail that ran westerly on the north side of the North Mountain, I looked for a photographic opportunity.  It was not long before my eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.  There I stood, face to face, with a mountain side draped in these beautiful flowering shrubs with lighting that was nearly prime.  With the light quickly losing its lustre on this pastoral setting, I fought off a swarm of mosquitoes and my fogged up glasses to fire off a number of shots, praying that just one might be a winner.  Judge for yourself.

Cotton Flower Hill

Cotton Flower Hill (Vertical)


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